Jean-Pierre BACHY

Laboratoire de Physiologie
Equipe PRETA
Faculté de Médecine de Grenoble
Domaine de la Merci



Curriculum vitae

Born on April 22, 1942 in Quiévrechain (59)
Married, two children
Practice in Paediatry from 1975 to 2002


60-61: Vat Mathematics and Technique
61-62: Preparatory year before studies of medecine(PCB)
62-69: Studies of Medicine. Doctorate 26.02.70
69-70: Certificate of preventive Paediatry.
70-72: C.E.S of Paediatry. Diploma of Paediatry (June 72)
76-77: Run of electronics by correspondence
77-79: Training course at the Laboratory of Analysis of Biomedical Signals (LASBIREF) of the ENSERG (National Engineer Scool in Electronics and Radioelectricity).
            Advanced training course on microprocessors and their use (training of  E.D.F Engineers at ENSERG).
            Further training on data-processing at the CUEFA (Grenoble)


63-70: Extern CHU Lille
70-75: Attache C.H.U Lille
75-85: Attache-Consultant C.H.U Grenoble
76-77: Attache Laboratory of Physiology of the sleep (Service of Psychotherapy CHU)
78-83: Part-time lecturer of Neurophysiology to the C.E.S of Psychiatry
80-82: Part-time lecturer of Medical computing with the CUEFA
81-2002: Attache then Intervening On Contract at Laboratory of Physiology UJF (Joseph Fourier University)
2002-2004 Guest Researcher In3S (Timc-Imag)


77:       "Contribution to an ethological study of the child by mathematical analysis of the respiratory signal" in collaboration with the Laboratory of Physiology, the IMAG (Grenoble Applied Mathematics Institute) and the ENSERG (National Engineer Scool in Electronics and Radioelectricity).

78-79: "Monitoring of rehabilitation of breathing" (display of the spirogram on a screen of  LEDS) realized with the ENSERG for the Laboratory of Physiology

            "Typewriter for physically handicapped people" (computer terminal with a reduced number of keys using a code allowing the composition of a character by 2 successive strikes )
          - prototype developped on a 6800 microcomputer kit.
          - final version "SIXTEM" worked out in collaboration with the Center for Children Cerebral Palsy of Grenoble and the ENSERG.
            Realization awarded 4th Price Realization at the Micro Contest 1981 of the Agency for the Development of  Data processing.

            "Prototype of tactile reading of code SIXTEM" final project of engineer's studies at LIME (Informatic and Micro Electronics Laboratory) (UJF)

80:       "Programme of morphometry and dietetics of the infant from 0 to 12 months" in collaboration with the Data processing department of the Faculty of Medicine.

81-83: "Implementation on APPLE microcomputer II of the harmonic analysis of the respiratory flow" in collaboration with André Eberhard (IMAG) FFT algorithm.
            Update 2012 Transformée de Fourier Discrète et Filtrage by André Eberhard 

            "Analysis of V02" (automation of the measurement of the oxygen uptake of man during physical exercise)

            "Drive of bulbar centers in rabbits" (programmed drive of the rate of breathing by a pump of artificial distribution in rabbit)

83-2002: Participation in the research studies of the Laboratory of Physiology

        - feasibility study of an Expert System designed to help clinicians in respiratory reanimation, in collaboration with the Data processing department.
        - Analysis of projects and equipment consulting.
        - Realization of a station of acquisition and data processing on Macintosh.
        - electronic interfacing,
        - process on microcomputer,
        - studies of a respiratory data base (4D)

2003: Tutoring:
         - respiratory data base (XML,EDF,GDF) (student project TIS Polytech'Grenoble)
         - Internet learning site for the Sixtem Code (student project SRC Isle d'Abeau, UJF)

2004: Studies:

         - "Modelization of a mean reference respiratory cycle adjusted with the inspiration/expiration ratio" (Mean Adjusted Cycle)
            Matlab program by André Eberhard (PRETA TIMC).
         - "Cycle by cycle variation of the respiratory flow at rest" (M.A.C. curve fitting)
         - Programming drivers with Delphi 7.
           training course: "Delphi pour Electroniciens" Detlef Overbeek & Anton Vogelaar (Elektor N° 319)

         Tutoring: (UJF, IUT de Génie Electrique Département GEii1)

         - Code Sixtem implementation on an USB joystick
         - studies on haptic devices for tactile reading of the Sixtem Code
         - implementation of the Extended Sixtem Code on a standard gamepad

2005: Tutoring: (IUT)

         Student's projects on microcontrolers:
         - Recording on flash card with SRAM antememory (BlackBox)
         - Morphometry for children (PédiaCalc)

        Web 2 workshop

        MathML on Dotclear 2 engine.

        Scientific text translation on
        Especialy articles of Keith Bavestock concerning a new concept in radiobiology
        What kind of a thing is the genome?
        A lecture presented to the Philosophy Department of the University of Exeter, July 2006.
        French translation of the book "Chernobyl: Consequences Of The Catastrophe For People And The Environment"
        by Alexey V Yablokov Vassily B  Nesterenko Alexey V Nesterenko
        English translation "Le conte du Blanc Misseron": The White Misseron
        Russian translation of the tale "Le conte du Blanc Misseron" by Tania Chlykova



presented at the seminar of modeling of TIMC 07.05.1993

        - reversible chaotic permutation of the components of a vector. Application to the data transmission in disturbed medium, jamming of image, orthogonalisation of binary vectors intended for storage on associative memory, storage of information on a structure in loop. See exposed and examples on


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12- Bachy JP.
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           - Support of an exemplar local initiative for african womens and children: Le Jardin d'Eulalie (in french)

           - Tale of my village: The White "Misseron" (sparrow) from The Tales of a Beer Drinker by Charles Deulin

           - Faithful to the Festival of Verbier

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